WAGSTA Wellness Testimonials and Endorsements


Thinking of joining WAGSTA Wellness to help your dog get back in shape? Hear what our happy members have to say about their WAGSTA slimming experience!

Wagsta member - Gyp


“Overall Gyp has lost about 13 pounds which is fabulous!  We’ve had comments that Gyp does not even look like the same dog as he did before we put him on the diet.  I really do not think we could have accomplished his weight loss without this program.

 We had put Gyp on diet food before, but we were never very consistent about tracking extra treats, preventing him from licking the dishes in the dishwasher or staying with his diet after he lost the first few pounds. Because both my husband and I are very active and take our dogs on hikes and runs almost daily, we always thought he could burn off the extra weight through exercise – but after having done WAGSTAs weight plan we have learned that it is not the case.  It is important to feed not only the correct proportions but the correct food and still make sure he gets daily exercise. I was very pleased with the program and I am very happy with the results.” 

Sarah Oates and Gyp (6-year-old Australian Cattle Dog) Colorado, USA.

Wagsta member - Summer

We rescued overweight 6-year-old Labrador, Summer who suffered from arthritis, over-heating and general poor health. For this reason, we chose WAGSTA to guide our family with a healthy weight loss regime. 

WAGSTA uses techniques that are easy, educational and fun for the whole family. The most helpful advice for us was pet food nutritional contents (an eye-opener!), fun games and activity suggestions that keep your pup moving without leaving home, overcoming weight loss plateaus, snack ideas and the weight loss tracker to ensure that Summer lost weight at a healthy rate. We also really loved the fact that she never went hungry or seems deprived at all. No easy feat for a Labrador!

Summer lost 10.4 kg on the program is now a happy, healthy and active 7-year-old dog. Our whole family highly recommends the Wagsta weight plan.”

Leisa Hale and Summer (7-year-old Labrador) Gold Coast, Australia.

Wagsta member - Delta

“Delta has dropped from 68 to 56 lbs! She no longer has hip fat pads and now has a waist. She has also rediscovered that she can jump on the bed again! This program has been the one thing I’ve been able to put my hands on that has finally given me the incentive to manage Delta’s weight. I feel so much better at night knowing Delta is a healthy weight.” 

Joan Howe and Delta. Wisconsin, USA.

Wagsta member - Harley

Goodbye muffin top, hello waist line! Harley may be the cutest pooch on the block but his fluffy coat was disguising a growing number of fat rolls. This program soon put a stop to Harley’s middle-age spread. Not only has Harley achieved his healthy weight, he is happier and more responsive. Harley’s diet has been a real bonding exercise and we are now closer than ever!

Claire Hawkins and Harley. Queensland, Australia.


Dr Michelle Felten


“In practice, many dedicated dog owners have found that weight management can be a challenging process. The professional and dedicated support from Dr Williamson through WAGSTA’s weight program provides a comprehensive, informed and genuinely caring guide for dog weight management.”  

Dr Michelle Felten BVSC (Hons) BSc (Epidemiology).


Wagsta member - True


“Just want to encourage anyone with a furry friend who is a bit pudgy, this program is excellent! My dog was quite overweight (I kept saying that it was all muscle!) but sadly it wasn’t. I realized with Charlotte’s help that True’s weight was a contributing factor to her occasional lameness in her back legs. Just too much weight! The fact that her legs were sore meant less exercise and so the problem just got worse, but with the guidance given with this program, she has lost 6 kilograms and is now a much happier and active girl. I highly recommend this program!

Marilyn Gosney and True (8-year-old Blue Heeler/ Australian Cattle Dog).

Dr Richard Mitchell

Excess weight is a significant causal factor in many of the orthopedic conditions I see as a surgical specialist. Maintaining your dog at a healthy weight is the best prevention against the onset of joint disease.  I believe WAGSTAs diet programs provide an invaluable service for owners wanting to return their dog to a healthy weight. Dr Williamson’s passionate and supportive approach to dog weight management transforms lives for the better.”

Dr Richard Mitchell, BSc BVSc Cert Small Animal Surgery, DECVS.

Wagsta member - Ebony

‘My girl lost 5.7 kilograms and 26.7 cm over 12 weeks!  This plan made it really easy to work out the correct meal size for Ebony. And receiving support and feedback from Dr Charlotte, a vet with first-hand experience in dieting her own dog, was really valuable! Thanks to this program both Ebony and I are now on the right track!”

Jenny Sheehan and Ebony (2-year-old Labrador) Victoria, Australia.


Dr Stephen Butterton

Having worked alongside Dr Charlotte Williamson for many years I can personally vouch for her expertise and professionalism. Charlotte’s positive and understanding approach to weight management is exemplified through WAGSTA. This modern-day approach to dog weight management provides owners with all the tools and support needed to safely and successfully diet their dogs. WAGSTAs diet programs are a boon for all owners serious about helping their dogs lose weight.”

Dr Stephen Butterton BSc (Hons), BVetMed, MRCVS.

Wagsta member - Roxy


 “I would wholeheartedly recommend WAGSTA to anyone with a shall we say ‘ample’ over loved doggy. My Roxy is like a different dog since starting her weight plan, she has so much more energy, looks 5 years younger (she is a spritely 13 years young!) and moves so much easier. Roxy is losing her extra weight in a safe and managed manner. Dr. Charlotte, who is offering this assistance is a wonderfully friendly and helpful professional vet and I could not recommend her and this program any more highly. Thank you for this wonderful program and so much more time with my beautiful girl.”

Jan Polaris and Roxy, Cairns Australia.

Wagsta member - Saltie


“Our Fur Baby, Saltie, has just successfully finished his doggy weight plan. Saltie was about 15% overweight which was contributing to Patella luxation (dislocated kneecap). Our options for treatment included surgery which would cost $2000 or weight loss. We obviously opted for the weight loss option. Through Dr Charlotte Williamson’s amazing and highly professional program – WAGSTA, Saltie is now back to his healthy weight and his lameness has disappeared. Thanks to this program we’ve identified and overcome some of our not-so-healthy feeding habits and we can confidently say Saltie is set up for long term weight loss success. I highly recommend WAGSTA Weight Plans if you have a fur baby that is carrying a bit of extra weight.”

Teresa Howard and Saltie (2-year-old King Charlies Cavalier X Spaniel).

Wagsta member - Sophie-Margaret


“This program really works. Sophie looks and feels so much slimmer! We highly recommend the WAGSTA weight program to all dog lovers. We found this program highly informative with Charlotte available to us throughout the program providing plenty of helpful advice. We now understand about proper portion control and suitable foods to feed Sophie. And as a household we’ve also learnt to communicate better regarding Sophie’s feeding and treats. We have no hesitations in recommending this program to others.”

Trish and Peter Mowett with Sophie Margaret. QLD, Australia.

Wagsta member - Charlie


“This course is very user friendly and I have recommended it my dog-loving family and friends. Thanks to this program I now understand how to count calories for my dog and I have cut back on my Charlie’s snacking. I found Dr Charlotte very approachable and her passion and knowledge about dog weight management reassuring.”

Sheryl McKenzie and Charlie (4-year-old Labrador Retriever), Melbourne, Australia.

Join WAGSTA Wellness and follow Maxo’s lead!


Dog Slim Weight Loss Plan


Using your WAGSTA app.

Thank you for downloading WAGSTA! Make the most of your WAGSTA experience with this quick guide to app use. Let’s get started by explaining the main tabs across the bottom of your app screen.

1. Home Tab

The home tab takes you to your dog’s PAWSFEED. This is effectively your dog’s personal diary- a place to store special memories!

Add to your PAWSFEED by typing notes in the top text field. Upload photos by tapping the (camera icon).

Tap the (share icon) to share your pictures with friends. Have the perfect pic? Why not share to the WAGSTA Facebook page and go in the running for a monthly prize!

Receive alerts for health and event reminders created in your Health tab. Delete alerts from your PAWSFEED by tapping done.

The PAWSFEED also keeps you up to date with the latest WAGSTA articles, competitions and promotions, which are regularly published to your feed.

From the PAWSFEED you can access the top left (app menu). Use this menu to manage your membership, update dog details and your user settings, and to access our blog articles, FAQS and social media.

2. Walk Tab

When you first tap the walk tab, you will be shown a blank screen. This will soon populate with your dogventures and provide you with a monthly tally of your activity!

To map your first walk simply tap (+ walk)The app will automatically start tracking distance, time and dog calories. 

You may (pause) your walk at any time e.g when stopping at a cafe or stopping to talk to other walkers. 

To end your walk tap (pause) and then (finish).

Don’t forget to add pictures during your walk by tapping the (camera icon). You can also add pictures from your phone gallery after saving your walk.

Coming Soon: If your walk includes dog-friendly spots such as cafes and parks, add them during your walk by tapping the (cafe) and (park) icons. 

Likewise, use the Discover map to locate walks and dog-friendly spots recommended by other WAGSTA users. Look for (paw & park icons) and tap for details. 

No recommendations nearby? Be the first to share the best walks and dog-spots in your area. Simply opt yes to share when saving your walk.

WALK LIST- Take pride in your pet parenting by regularly scanning your walk list. The list provides a timeline of all your dogventures, along with your updated monthly activity tally.

From the walk list you can share your walks with friends and to the WAGSTA Facebook page. Simply tap the (share icon) and follow the prompts.

3. Health Tab

Welcome to your doggy organiser.  A place to set reminders for medications, events and appointments.

Tap (+) to create your first reminder. Once created your reminders will form a list on the Health Tab screen.  

You will receive reminders via email and through notification on your smartphone. Your reminder will also be published to your PAWSFEED.

Coming Soon: A calendar of WAGSTA reminders will soon be visible beneath your reminder list, allowing you to see your dog’s monthly schedule in one view!

4. Weight Tab

Tap the weight tab to complete your dog’s FREE Wellness Check. This will identify your dog’s ideal healthy weight and activate your dog’s Weight Tracker Chart.

Update your dog’s weight regularly by tapping (+) located under your dog’s weight chart. Monitor for changes in weight and take action to maximise your dog’s wellness.

5. Diet Tab

If your dog is a little on the heavy side, this is where you can access our veterinary-guided dog diet plans. Receive portion plans and dog diet advice delivered through the WAGSTA app. 

Learn more about diet plan options via the WAGSTA website.

You are ready to get started!
Thank you so much for downloading WAGSTA, we hope you and your dog love it. We are busy behind the scenes optimising our features to create the best user experience. Stay tuned for our automatic updates as we roll out more
features to help make everyday your dog’s day!

WAGSTA Press & Awards.


The WAGSTA Story.

All great ventures have a story behind them! And WAGSTA’s story is hitting home with dog lovers, business innovation awards and the press…


2018: Global Health and Pharma: Animal Health and Wellness Award:
Best Online Dog Diet Program.

2018: TNQIA – Tropical North Queensland Innovation Awards-Finalist Mayor’s Choice

2018: Advance Queensland- Ignite Ideas Recipient

2017: Australia Post Regional PitchFest- State Finalist and Runner-Up

2017: Myriad Technology and Innovation Festival- North Queensland Showcase Delegate.

We’ve been featured across Radio, TV and the Written Press:

The Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, ABC News, Nine News, Seven News, ABC Radio, Hit FM, The Australian, The Courier Mail, The Cairns Post, The Cairns Sun, Tropic Now, The Observer, Smart Company.


And have provided dog health and diet expertise for articles in: 

The Huffington Post, Vero Beach Magazine- FL, USA , RSPCA Magazine-The Biscuit, The Cairns Sun, That’s Life Magazine.

Why the Attention?

Because WAGSTA is a world-first solution to a world-wide problem!

A problem which both dog lovers and vets alike, have struggled to overcome….

Here is our story behind the inspiration for WAGSTA…

The WAGSTA Story

Dr Charlotte Williamson with Maxo
Dr Charlotte Williamson and Maxo

Behind every innovation, there is a problem. A problem which causes frustration when a suitable solution does not exist…

For Dr Charlotte Williamson, the frustration was inadequate weight services for pets. After all, if humans receive weight coaching and diet plans at the drop of a hat, why not our pets?

As a veterinarian of 20 years, having worked across Australia and the United Kingdom, Dr Charlotte witnessed increasing rates of dog obesity and the many struggles pet parents had dieting their dogs.

During this time, Dr Charlotte was frustrated by her own inability to properly support pet owners in a clinical setting. The time and pricing constraints of a typical veterinary consultation making it impossible to provide in-depth, continued weight management support. A solution was needed!

And so the seed was planted- to create an accessible and affordable weight management and support platform. And in doing so, break down the time, price and geographic constraints faced by many pet owners when seeking expert weight management advice.

As a long term dog lover and having previously owned a tri-fector of obese-prone breeds (Labrador, Beagle and Cattle Dog!), Dr Charlotte knew a multi-faceted solution was needed. A weight plan which addressed both human and dog behaviour, whilst supporting owners every step of the way to achieving and maintaining their dog’s healthy weight.

As luck would have it, Dr Charlotte was fortuitous to welcome a rescue dog into her family at this time. An obese Labrador called Maxo!

Obese Labrador Maxo

Maxo’s input was the icing on the cake! Helping bring home the daily challenges faced by pet parents when doggy dieting.  Whether it be bin raiding, stealing food from toddlers or scavenging fruit from trees, you name it, Maxo did it!

In less than 6 months, Dr Charlotte successfully helped Maxo lose 16 kgs (45 lbs)! No mean feat with a 4 year old and toddler underfoot!

Maxo after six months of going through wagsta wellness program

After witnessing Maxo’s amazing transformation, Dr Charlotte combined this real-world experience with her clinical veterinary expertise to create the beginnings of WAGSTA!

WAGSTA has come a long way since 2015…

2015: Maxo’s Makeover!

Dr Charlotte develops online diet program- The K9 Weight Challenge.

2016: Launch of The K9 Weight Challenge Program

2017: Launch of DogSlim.com- website providing free dog diet information- helping promote awareness of dog obesity.

2018: Build WAGSTA Tracking – a free app which promotes an active doggy lifestyle by motivating pet parents to be active with their dogs- through walk tracking and sharing!

2019: Launch of WAGSTA Wellness diet memberships.
WAGSTA Wellness provides diet plans according to owner budget and support needs. Offering 50+ combined-years of veterinary weight expertise direct to the homes of dog lovers!

….. The journey continues!

You can be part of the WAGSTA journey simply by mentioning our free walk and wellness tracker to your dog-loving friends.

Together we can improve the health and happiness of dogs throughout the world!


Dog Maxo before and after Wagsta wellness program

7 Health Benefits of Dog Ownership

7 Health Benefits of Dog Ownership

If you’re a dog owner, you constantly experience the loving nature of these canine wonders first hand. Dogs are naturally affectionate and loyal creatures that have served as companions to mankind for centuries.

Having a dog in the home, especially if you live alone, will boost your emotional well-being. In fact, having a canine companion increases your sense of security and safety.

Dogs also help you learn how to be responsible – as you take care of them and cater to their needs you’re also developing your accountability and reliability as a person.

It’s also known that having a dog contributes significantly to your physical and mental health. This article focuses on the health benefits of dog ownership. Keep reading to know more.

Benefits of Owning a Dog

These are some of the significant advantages associated with dog ownership:

1. Improved Heart Health

Improved cardiovascular health is another benefit of having a canine companion. A good number of studies have proven this.

Heart rate and blood pressure are normalized when you’re interacting with your dog. With this knowledge, perhaps dogs should be adopted as a medical solution for patients with coronary conditions and high BP.

In fact, scientists at the American Heart Association said that dog owners have a 24% reduction of all-cause mortality.

2. Dogs improve mental health 

Thanks to the affectionate nature of dogs, dog owners are exposed to a lot of love from these canine wonders. In fact, having a dog at home reduces your risk of developing depression; people who have also been diagnosed with the condition are positively affected by having canine friends at home.

In the process of catering to your dog’s needs, you’re more exposed to the outdoors where you get to meet other people, and possibly their pets – this way, you have more acquaintances and your life is more active.

Summarily, interacting with your dog daily has positive effects on your mood. The affection shown towards you by your dog improves your happiness and fights loneliness in your life.

So if you are looking for dog ownership benefits, what’s better than having a happier life in general.

Puppy love brings many benefits to dog owners
Cuddling your dog boosts endorphin levels making you feel happier.

3. Dog owners are less prone to sickness

Studies have shown that having a dog at home generally reduces the number of times that you fall sick. How is this possible? Here’s an explanation: the idea behind this effect of having a canine wonder at home lies in the presence of germs.

Lots of people deploy various machines and chemicals to clean their home and effectively rid their house of germs. Because of this reduction in the germ level at home, the human body is rid of most types of germs. This absence of enough germ diversity in the body makes us fall ill more often.

This is where dogs come in. Dogs carry various types of germs on them. This biodiversity in dogs introduces all the needed germs within the house. This then leads to the needed biodiversity within humans in the home, and they won’t fall sick often.

In fact, a study conducted on dog ownership by the Scientific Journal Pediatrics revealed that babies who grow up in homes with a pet (dog or cat) are less likely to fall ill as compared to babies who live in pet-free homes.

Dog owners experience less sickness
Dogs not only bring their owners immense joy, they also make you less prone to sickness

4. Dogs promote resistance to allergies

Another health benefit of having dogs at home is improved resistance to allergies. You might be wondering how this is possible since pet hairs are known to kick-start allergies in humans.

The idea here is that kids born into a home with dogs are likely to develop resistance to allergies. Assuming that a woman is with child, and she has a dog living in the same house, the child is born with a resistance to allergies.

This is because bacteria are mutually transferred between the dog and the pregnant woman. Checking the child’s body system will likely reveal the presence of allergy-curbing Ruminococcus and Oscillospira.

Dogs reduce childhood allergies
Growing up in a pet owning household means you are less likely to suffer from allergies.

5. Dogs facilitate an active social life

Dog ownership can also improve your social life. If you take your dog out on a walk, light jog, or some exercise at the park, you’re likely going to meet and interact with other people – both dog owners and non-dog owners.

You might just notice people coming over to pet your dog and admire its adorable looks. As this happens, you also get the chance to start up conversations with new people and expand your social circle.

If you own a dog, you won’t just leave it in the house all week. Instead, you would have some scheduled time each week to exercise your dog outdoors. The advantage here is that while exercising your dog, you also get some additional minutes to exercise your own body.

6. Dogs encourage you to exercise

With dog ownership, you will participate more frequently in activities such as walking, hiking, low pace jogs, treasure hunts, fetching games and many more. As you engage in these exercises with your dog, your physical and mental health will be improved.

Dogs encourage exercise
Owning an active dog is an excellent motivator for daily exercise.

7. Dogs have been known to detect cancer

Lastly, cancer detection is also a benefit associated with having dogs at home. It has been discovered that these canine wonders can detect cancer in people.

Studies have shown that dogs have a keen sense of smell that detects the presence of cancer, such as colon, prostate, breast, and even skin cancer.

Pete Decker is the lead editor at TheGoodyPet.com. For the past 20 years, Pete has been working professionally with dogs, and he has spent time volunteering in animal shelters across the USA and around the world. Now, Pete dedicates his time towards TheGoodyPet, a pet educational website made by pet lovers for pet lovers.

You can find more from Pete on his website or by following TheGoodyPet on Twitter or Facebook.

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