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Dogs, just like their owners, love a change in scenery! And one of the best ways to provide this is by seeking out dog parks nearby. Dog-friendly parks are not only great for exercise, they provide your dog the opportunity to meet and greet other dogs and their owners.

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The best dog parks provide areas for off-leash exercise. Off-leash areas are preferably sited well away from roads. City off-leash areas are often fenced to prevent run-aways.  Fenced areas are especially useful for exercising and training dogs whose recall skills are not yet fully honed.

The most popular dog parks are larger in size to prevent over-crowding. Their large size provides owners and dogs opportunity to walk and explore. 

On the larger end of the scale are dog-friendly country parks and forest parks which provide for all day adventure! Open green spaces well shaded by trees are always a hit with dogs and families.

Dog parks should always have a water source- providing drinking water for dogs and owners. If visiting a park for the first time, play it safe by bringing your own dog water.

The best doggy parks will incorporate a natural water source such as river, creek, dog lake or dog beach. Dogs love nothing better than a cooling dip in the summer months and playing fetch in water!

Dog water park
Dog parks bordering rivers, beaches and lakes are always a hit!

 Dog infrastructure has come a long way in recent years with many council areas providing build-in water bowls and faucets. These are often accompanied by bins and dog poop bags to help ensure doggie parks stay clean for all. Do your bit by picking up after your dog and following dog park rules 😊

Some parks go all out by providing dog obstacle courses and dog playgrounds. Think dog ramps, tunnels, logs and slides to hone dog agility skills and obedience!

Dog Park Etiquette

Your visit to the local dog park should be a positive experience, leaving both you and your dog in a great frame of mind! You can help keep parks dog-friendly with these basic etiquette tips.

Dog Park Etiquette
Get ready to socialize down at your local dog park.

1.Pick up after your dog- bring your own poop bags and if bins are not supplied take your refuse home. (Dog poop is bad enough but littering with bagged poop is even worse!)

2. Always ensure your dog stays under control.  A dog-friendly park does is no excuse for unruly dog behavior. Overly boisterous and aggressive dogs make parks unpleasant and dangerous for others. As a rule, dogs should be socialized and obey basic commands (heel, sit and come) before visiting the park. This is especially important if your dog will be off-leash.

3. Time your visit to the park. Avoid the hottest times of the day. High energy dog play sessions can soon result in cases of overheating and heat stroke.

4. Look out for others: get the okay for your dog to play with other dogs. Don’t let your dog rush up to others as this can be intimidating for both dog and owner, with potential for injury/ inter-dog aggression.

Dog Park Rules
Small, timid dogs can find dog parks intimidating. Ensure your dog plays by the rules.

5. Know when to call it quits: If your dog engages in group play, monitor closely.  Group dynamics can shift quickly with playful nips and boisterous play often turning more serious.

Dog Park Play
Monitor play at the dog park. Do not let it get out of hand.

Favorite Doggie Parks

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