French Bulldog – all about the breed


Compact, quiet, expressive, charming.

The French bulldog just hit #1 on the popularity charts in the UK,
surpassing the Labrador, a breed that had held first position for thirty

While the Labrador is still the most popular breed in the
United States, the French bulldog has surged in popularity there too,
reaching #4.

Famous Frenchies

Frenchies have received a lot of exposure recently. Reese Witherspoon
has Pepper, Lady Gaga has Asia Kinney, the Beckhams have Scarlet and
Hugh Jackman has Dali. French bulldogs have also been the pet of choice
for Leonardo DiCaprio, Hilary Duff, Madonna, Martha Stewart and Michael
Phelps amongst others.

They’ve appeared in commercials (Sketchers), television programs
(Modern Family) and movies (Bringing Down the House, Due Date,
Secondhand Lions).

Thanks to social media, French bulldogs have become celebrities in
their own right. Mannie-the-Frenchie leads the way with his 1.1 million
Instagram followers!

Mannie the French Bulldog trying to drink water
Mannie the French Bulldog has over 1 million Instagram followers

Positive Traits of the French Bulldog

It’s easy to see what all the fuss is about.

  • The French bulldog with his big bat ears and comical expressions, makes a great companion, especially for city dwellers.
  • French bulldogs have compact muscular bodies, which makes them rather portable.
  • They are relatively quiet, which is great for city apartments.
  • They don’t require a lot of outdoor exercise.
  • They have short easy-care coats.
  • They have quite a good life span at 10 – 12 years but you can maximize it by following the veterinary-designed longevity diet.
  • They are affectionate, expressive and charming.
French bulldogs lying on the floor
French bulldogs keeping cool

Negative Traits of the French Bulldog

No one’s perfect.

  • French bulldogs can be stubborn which makes them a challenge to train. But start early, be persistent and patient, and use healthy dog treats as incentive. Make sure the treats are tiny and low-calorie. You don’t want to end up with a well-trained but fat Frenchie.
  • All short-faced breeds like the French bulldog will snore, snuffle,
    grunt and pass wind. They can’t help it. The short snout means they
    gulp air when they eat, and what goes in must come out. Commercial pet
    food can make it worse due to the high level of fiber. This high protein
    home made dog food will help.
  • Frenchies are not good swimmers. Due to their large head and small bodies they risk drowning if they fall into a pool.
  • French bull dogs can be slow to house break. Four to six months is not unusual.
French bulldog
Short-faced breeds like the French bulldog snore, snuffle and pass wind.

French Bulldog Health Issues and Breeders

Popularity has a down side when rogue breeders see an opportunity to
cash in. French bulldogs, like many purebreds, are predisposed to
certain health issues including eye, ear and skin conditions.

As a brachycephalic (short-nosed breed), Frenchies are predisposed to
breathing difficulties, especially during exercise and when they become
over heated. Breathing troubles are also exaggerated if dogs become
overweight. Check our dog breed chart for ideal weights.

Responsible registered breeders of French Bulldogs (such as Kennel
Club Assured Breeders) account for these issues by supplying the buyer
with information on the pup’s parents. Whenever possible you should
always meet the pup’s parents so you can see for yourself that there are
no exaggerated features, such as an overly short snout, that might
cause health problems.

French Bulldog puppy chewing a toy
French Bulldogs are charismatic and compact.

History of the French Bulldog

French bulldogs were actually first bred in England as a miniature
bulldog, but lacemakers took them to France where the breed became
fashionable among society ladies, prostitutes, artists, writers and the
general bohemian crowd.

French Bulldog puppy having some companion
French Bulldogs have become one of the most popular breeds.

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