Using your WAGSTA app.

Thank you for downloading WAGSTA! Make the most of your WAGSTA experience with this quick guide to app use. Let’s get started by explaining the main tabs across the bottom of your app screen.

1. Home Tab

The home tab takes you to your dog’s PAWSFEED. This is effectively your dog’s personal diary- a place to store special memories!

Add to your PAWSFEED by typing notes in the top text field. Upload photos by tapping the (camera icon).

Tap the (share icon) to share your pictures with friends. Have the perfect pic? Why not share to the WAGSTA Facebook page and go in the running for a monthly prize!

Receive alerts for health and event reminders created in your Health tab. Delete alerts from your PAWSFEED by tapping done.

The PAWSFEED also keeps you up to date with the latest WAGSTA articles, competitions and promotions, which are regularly published to your feed.

From the PAWSFEED you can access the top left (app menu). Use this menu to manage your membership, update dog details and your user settings, and to access our blog articles, FAQS and social media.

2. Walk Tab

When you first tap the walk tab, you will be shown a blank screen. This will soon populate with your dogventures and provide you with a monthly tally of your activity!

To map your first walk simply tap (+ walk)The app will automatically start tracking distance, time and dog calories. 

You may (pause) your walk at any time e.g when stopping at a cafe or stopping to talk to other walkers. 

To end your walk tap (pause) and then (finish).

Don’t forget to add pictures during your walk by tapping the (camera icon). You can also add pictures from your phone gallery after saving your walk.

Coming Soon: If your walk includes dog-friendly spots such as cafes and parks, add them during your walk by tapping the (cafe) and (park) icons. 

Likewise, use the Discover map to locate walks and dog-friendly spots recommended by other WAGSTA users. Look for (paw & park icons) and tap for details. 

No recommendations nearby? Be the first to share the best walks and dog-spots in your area. Simply opt yes to share when saving your walk.

WALK LIST- Take pride in your pet parenting by regularly scanning your walk list. The list provides a timeline of all your dogventures, along with your updated monthly activity tally.

From the walk list you can share your walks with friends and to the WAGSTA Facebook page. Simply tap the (share icon) and follow the prompts.

3. Health Tab

Welcome to your doggy organiser.  A place to set reminders for medications, events and appointments.

Tap (+) to create your first reminder. Once created your reminders will form a list on the Health Tab screen.  

You will receive reminders via email and through notification on your smartphone. Your reminder will also be published to your PAWSFEED.

Coming Soon: A calendar of WAGSTA reminders will soon be visible beneath your reminder list, allowing you to see your dog’s monthly schedule in one view!

4. Weight Tab

Tap the weight tab to complete your dog’s FREE Wellness Check. This will identify your dog’s ideal healthy weight and activate your dog’s Weight Tracker Chart.

Update your dog’s weight regularly by tapping (+) located under your dog’s weight chart. Monitor for changes in weight and take action to maximise your dog’s wellness.

5. Diet Tab

If your dog is a little on the heavy side, this is where you can access our veterinary-guided dog diet plans. Receive portion plans and dog diet advice delivered through the WAGSTA app. 

Learn more about diet plan options via the WAGSTA website.

You are ready to get started!
Thank you so much for downloading WAGSTA, we hope you and your dog love it. We are busy behind the scenes optimising our features to create the best user experience. Stay tuned for our automatic updates as we roll out more
features to help make everyday your dog’s day!

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