5 Reasons Why Dog Workouts Rule

5 Reasons Why Dog Workouts Rule
Work-out partners do not have to be Lycra-clad or sporting the latest active-wear. The furred alternative works wonders too! Have you considered joining your pooch in a dog workout? It could make all the difference to committing to your daily exercise routine! Here’s why your dog makes the perfect personal trainer!

1. Dog workout partners are always eager and ready for action!

A dog’s enthusiasm to get out and about is contagious. Such enthusiasm and positive feedback encourages dog owners world-over to walk on a regular basis. As dog lovers it’s almost impossible to say no to those pleading expressions and adorable antics! And it’s a very tough call to knock back the one thing your dog loves and enjoys the most: W_A_L_K_I_E_S

Research agrees, proving dog owners walk on average TWICE the distance of non-dog owners within a week. Better still, dog work-outs help us pet parents benefit from lowered rates of cardio-vascular disease and illness.

2. Dog workouts involve adventure!

Who says your daily walk needs to be confined to walking around the block or to the local dog park? It’s time to start following your dog’s lead by exploring your surrounds! Increase the pace and physical challenge of your dog workout by heading off trail. If you have an athletic breed try taking part in more strenuous dog activities such as jogging, biking and swimming!

3. Dog workout buddies do not complain

Unlike many exercise partners, your dog will not bog you down in conversation or distract you from keeping to your work-out pace. Your dog will not complain about where you are working out nor will they have any social hang ups.

When it comes to being active, fun is your dog’s second name. So, follow in your dog’s paw prints, leave your stresses behind and enjoy the great outdoors.

Make the most of the great outdoors with your dog workout buddy!

4. Dogs are creatures of habit

And so, should you be! You won’t find your dog workout partner crying off from going on a walk due to the weather or because they feel tired. Dogs are up for exercise at any time of the day or year!

Stay committed to daily exercise by tracking your dog workouts. Once you start a regular dog work-out routine it’s a safe bet your dog will pressure you into keeping it! Does whining at the front door or pacing with lead in mouth, ring a bell with you?

5. Dog workouts make you feel good!

Your dog will never judge your exercise efforts. Instead they will faithfully plod alongside you providing motivational support during your work-outs. View your dog as your personal fitness trainer, knowing they’ve got your back.

Reward your dog’s loyal companionship by taking your dog walkies each day. Feel the endorphins release and let your stresses melt away!

Safety First

Always exercise within your dog’s limits for a fun-filled workout. 

If your dog is sedentary and has gained weight, it’s never too late to introduce regular exercise. However it is important to realise, the bulk of your dog’s weight loss should be due to calorie restriction.

Ease into dog workouts and build your outings at a slow and steady pace. Remember to keep within your dog’s breed, health and fitness limitations and check with your vet before committing your pooch as a dog workout partner.

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WAGSTA recommends a veterinary health check for all dogs prior to participating in any diet or exercise plan. WAGSTA Wellness diet plan is not suitable for pregnant dogs and dogs less than 12 months of age (or 18 months if a giant breed).

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