How It Works

WAGSTA Wellness is a veterinary guided weight loss plan helping pet parents achieve a healthier weight for their dogs.

Receive support throughout your dog’s weight loss journey with access to our on-line community of fellow WAGSTA members and via your WAGSTA Wellness coaching series, which guides you step-by-step to achieving your dog’s healthy weight.

With WAGSTA Wellness you’ll never diet alone! We are all in this together helping our dogs live happier, healthier, longer and more active lives.

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Your WAGSTA Wellness Diet Program

  • Dogs are fed according to their own specially calculated calorie allowance.
  • Receive guidance in selecting a suitable diet food for your dog.
  • Choose from commercial diet food or WAGSTA’s nutritionist-formulated dog food recipes.
  • Receive daily meal portions with the option of a daily treat allowance.
  • Select from three activity programs to safely introduce regular walkies and play into your dog’s exercise routine.
  • Track progress on your dog’s very own statistics page. Plot dog weight loss, measurements and activity. Upload photos.
  • Receive real time feedback, calorie plan adjustments and quarterly report cards.
  • Learn to manage mindset, emotions, habits and the human-pet bond to your dog’s weight loss advantage.
  • Receive weekly motivational videos from founding veterinarian Dr Charlotte Williamson.
  • Receive educational materials which delve further into dog weight loss and associated dog health topics.
  • Receive encouragement from like-minded members. Share your goals and dieting stories & celebrate your successes together.
  • Access veterinary feedback and coach support through our members-only Facebook group.
  • Download our complementary WAGSTA app to track walkies, weight and dog wellness.
  • Choose imperial or metric measurements. Available to any dog, at anytime, from anywhere!
  • Diet plans available for disabled and non-ambulatory dogs who are unable to participate in daily exercise sessions.
  • 30-day 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

This program is not suitable for:

  • Healthy weight dogs
  • Pregnant or lactating dogs.
  • Dogs under 1 year of age.
  • Dogs under 18 months of age if a giant breed.

N.B. As with all diet and exercise programs, we recommend a veterinary check up before diet commencement.

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WAGSTA recommends a veterinary health check for all dogs prior to participating in any diet or exercise plan. WAGSTA Wellness diet plan is not suitable for pregnant dogs and dogs less than 12 months of age (or 18 months if a giant breed).

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