The story behind the creation of WAGSTA

Hello I’m Doctor Charlotte Williamson, founder of WAGSTA and I am passionate about helping you achieve the healthiest and happiest life for your dog.

Our dog weight management program WAGSTA Wellness, has been designed especially for you, to help your dog enjoy a life of vitality and play!

Read on to hear our story.

Doctor Charlotte and Maxo

The dog obesity epidemic

Since qualifying as a veterinarian 20+ years ago, I have met thousands of pet owners who have struggled to manage their dog’s weight. And in turn I have watched many overweight dogs battle weight-associated illness.

In addition to reduced everyday quality of life (caused by impaired mobility, over heating, skin infections, lethargy and lameness), overweight dogs are prone to conditions such as arthritis, cardio-respiratory illness, diabetes and tumours. Sadly, these ailments often cut dog’s lives short- with the expected lifespan of an overweight dog 2 years shorter than a healthy weight dog.

Rates of pet obesity have continually grown over my career, so much so that a staggering 56% of the US dog population, 45% of the British dog population and 42% of the Australian population is now considered overweight.

This growth in pet obesity has led to a personal growing frustration over the limited availability of weight support services for pets. After all, if humans can receive weight coaching and diet plans at the drop of a hat, why not our pets?

A proven weight loss solution for the overweight dog

Despite the best intentions of the veterinary profession, overall rates of successful dog weight management remain low. Over the years I have pondered this point and have concluded that:

Dog weight loss may be simple, but it is not easy!

Simple because we all know that to lose weight, calories consumed must be less than calories burnt. Right?

But successful weight loss goes beyond numbers and figures. It is about behavioral and lifestyle change. Successful dog weight loss involves working on household habits and our emotions. We must identify food vices and manage pet behaviors, as well as put in place suitable calorie restriction and activity programs.

Maxo the Labrador

Based on real-world experience!

As a long-term dog lover and a pet parent of a trifecta of obesity-prone breeds (Labrador, Beagle and Cattle Dog), I understand the real-life challenges faced by dog owners when trying to maintain their dog at a healthy weight. Thus highlighting the need for a multi-faceted diet solution which supports owners every step of the way to achieving and maintaining their dog’s healthy weight.

Whilst designing our diet plan, my family was blessed with a new addition- an obese Labrador called Maxo!

Maxo quickly took on lead position as our “Lab Tester”, thoroughly testing our diet assumptions and diet product (not to mention our emotional fortitude along the way!)

Maxo’s input was the icing on the cake! Helping bring home the daily challenges faced by pet parents when doggy dieting. Whether it be bin raiding, stealing food from toddlers or scavenging fruit from trees, you name it, Maxo did it!

Despite these challenges in less than 6 months, Maxo successfully lost 16 kgs (35 lbs)! No mean feat in a household with a 4-year old and toddler (AKA food machines) on the loose.

Maxo poses next to the equivalent of his 10 kg (22 lbs) weight loss, part-way through his weight transformation.

Maxo with his weight loss

Get your vet-approved dog diet plan today for a healthier, happier dog

Witnessing Maxo’s amazing transformation (from lame and lethargic, to fit and fabulous) and the pure joy he revelled in as a healthy weight dog, has been the driving force to making the WAGSTA Wellness diet plan a reality.

Maxo’s teachings combined with our veterinary expertise, have led to the creation of a dog diet plan all pet owners can follow and achieve great results with.

We invite your dog to follow Maxo’s lead.

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WAGSTA recommends a veterinary health check for all dogs prior to participating in any diet or exercise plan. WAGSTA Wellness diet plan is not suitable for pregnant dogs and dogs less than 12 months of age (or 18 months if a giant breed).

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