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The Results Bark for Themselves

WAGSTA Wellness weight support is available to any dog, at anytime, anywhere!

"Overall Gyp has lost about 13 pounds which is fabulous! Because my husband and I are very active and take our dogs on hikes and runs almost daily, we always thought he could burn off the extra weight through exercise - but after having done WAGSTAs weight plan we have learned that it is not the case."

Sarah O and Gyp

Colorado, USA


Why WAGSSTA Wellness

  • Increase lifespan by 2+ years
  • Boost energy & playfulness
  • Improve your dog’s mobility
  • Maximise quality time together
  • Reduce aches and pains
  • Reduce weight related disease & injury
  • Reduce vet bills & reliance on medications
  • Reduce surgical and anesthetic risks

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Customized Diet Plan

Diet Plan

Receive a customized portion and activity plan to safely achieve your dog’s healthy weight. Suitable for all fitness levels. Feed home cooked or commercial dog food.

Veterinary Coaching

Diet Plan

Explore habits, emotions and the human-pet bond. Tweak your dog’s lifestyle for weight loss success with guidance from veterinarian, Dr Charlotte Williamson.

Community Support

Diet Plan

Be supported every step of the way by the WAGSTA vetsperts and our community of fellow dog dieters. Members receive free access to our private facebook community.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

WAGSTA Wellness dog diet programs are built to cater to dogs of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels (exluding puppies). If you become a WAGSTA Wellness member and do not see results in 30 days after diet commencement, we'll give you your money back.

Your Roadmap to Dog Diet Success

WAGSTA Wellness Provides

  • Customized dog calorie and portion plan
  • Real time tracking and progress updates
  • Weekly activity plans (for all fitness levels)
  • MDiet food guidance & nutritionist formulated recipes
  • Awareness tools to manage household & owner habits
  • Online veterinary feedback & support
  • Veterinary coaching videos & step by step advice
  • A community of like-minded WAGSTA Wellness members
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Get your vet-approved dog diet plan today for a healthier, happier dog.

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