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Veterinary Guided Dog Weight Management

  • Increase lifespan by 2+ years
  • Boost energy & playfulness
  • Improve your dog’s mobility
  • Maximise quality time together
  • Reduce aches and pains
  • Reduce weight related disease & injury
  • Reduce vet bills & reliance on medications
  • Reduce surgical and anesthetic risks

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FREE Weight Check 7 Day Free Trial

Customized Dog Diet Plan

Diet Plan

Receive a customized portion and activity plan to safely achieve your dog’s healthy weight. Suitable for all fitness levels. Feed home cooked or commercial dog food.

Veterinary Diet Coaching

Diet Plan

Explore habits, emotions and the human-pet bond. Tweak your dog’s lifestyle for weight loss success with guidance from veterinarian, Dr Charlotte Williamson.

Community Support

Diet Plan

Be supported every step of the way by the WAGSTA vetsperts and our community of fellow dog dieters. Members receive free access to our private facebook community.

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WAGSTA Wellness dog diet programs are built to cater to dogs of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels (exluding puppies). If your dog is overweight, take action with our 7-day free trial. Start your customized dog weight loss plan today.

FREE Weight Check 7 Day Free Trial

Your Roadmap to Dog Diet Success

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WAGSTA Wellness Provides

  • Customized dog calorie and portion plan
  • Real time tracking and progress updates
  • Weekly activity plans (for all fitness levels)
  • Diet food guidance & nutritionist formulated recipes
  • Awareness tools to manage household & owner habits
  • Online veterinary feedback & support
  • Veterinary coaching videos & step by step advice
  • A community of like-minded WAGSTA Wellness members

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Frequently Asked Questions

The WAGSTA Wellness diet program relies on accurately calculating the calorific intake for your dog on an individualized basis. When it comes to metabolism and calorific requirements, no two dogs are alike. Multiple diet profiles and calorie plans will require additional enrolments.

A 50% discounted rate is provided for additional dogs enrolled under the same owner. Please email us to secure this discount.

Your WAGSTA Wellness membership information is located on the WAGSTA Wellness website (wagsta.com/wellness). Login to access the Settings tab in the left menu of your dashboard. From here, you can update your account settings, view when subscription payments are due and manage your membership.

WAGSTA Wellness primarily focuses on managing your dog’s caloric intake to promote a healthy weight.

Our activity plans are supplementary to this. We have three activity plans to choose from based on your dog’s age, breed, current fitness, and mobility.

The programs commence with 2 short activity sessions per day. These gradually increase in intensity to incorporate 2 x 30-minute sessions (of walking, off leash activity and play) per day.

If necessary, this may be condensed into a single daily exercise block.

WAGSTA Wellness caters for dogs with impaired mobility by providing a dedicated ‘low activity’ diet plan option.

Home cooked meals are acceptable providing they are nutritionally balanced, and you have a complete understanding of the calorie content of the food you prepare. WAGSTA Wellness provides a selection of nutritionist-endorsed recipes for dog weight loss purposes.

These recipes are based on common everyday ingredients and provide calorie and protein content suitable for diet purposes. Home-cooking is only recommended for owners who are already experienced and dedicated to the home preparation of dog food.

WAGSTA Wellness programs aim for canine participants to achieve 1-3 % body weight loss per week. This is in line with professional veterinary weight loss guidelines.

With strict adherence to our dog weight loss program the follow weight loss figures can be achieved over the course of your first 4 months:

  • Starting weight of 50 kg (110 lb) – lose 5.7-15 kg (12.6-33 lb)
  • Starting weight of 40 kg (88 lb) – lose 4.1-12.3 kg (9-27 lb)
  • Starting weight of 30 kg (66 lb) – lose 3.5-9.2 kg (7.7-20 lb)
  • Starting weight of 20 kg (44 lb) – lose 2.4-5.3 kg (5.3-11.7 lb)
  • Starting weight of 10 kg (22 lb) – lose 1.3-4.4 kg (2.9-9.7 lb)
  • Starting weight of 5 kg (11 lb) – lose 600 g-1.5 kg (1.3-3.3 lb)

For dogs in the upper obese range (Body Condition Score 8 or 9) it will take 6- 12 months to achieve healthy target weights.

Continued membership and diet support is recommended until your dog has achieved their healthy weight and has transitioned onto their maintenance diet.

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Get your vet-approved dog diet plan today for a healthier, happier dog.

FREE Weight Check 7 Day Free Trial
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WAGSTA recommends a veterinary health check for all dogs prior to participating in any diet or exercise plan. WAGSTA Wellness diet plan is not suitable for pregnant dogs and dogs less than 12 months of age (or 18 months if a giant breed).

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