4 Reasons to Start Walk Tracking with Your Dog Today

4 Reasons to Start Walk Tracking with Your Dog Today
Put on your sneakers and get out your dog’s leash. It’s time for walkies! Here’s why daily walk tracking is great for you and your dog:

1. Walk tracking helps create a daily exercise habit

By using a walk tracker, you can fast track the development of a daily walking habit. The repeated action of logging your walks, growing your walk statistics and creating a personalised walk diary, provides dog walkers with a valuable asset. A growing distance tally and photo journal (cue: adorable dog photos!) soon bumps up motivation for daily walkies. Walk tracking apps can also assist your commitment to exercise by providing walk reminders and social connectivity.

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Get in the habit of daily walkies by tracking your dog walks.

2. Walk tracking apps help you monitor your progress

By tracking your dog walks you can monitor how you and your dog’s fitness evolves over time. For example, WAGSTA lets you know exactly how far you walked, and the time taken.  You can even see how many calories your dog is burning in comparison with you. Maintain your daily walk habit and you’ll both be walking further and in less time. Now that’s progress!

3. Walk tracking helps you save memories and record your adventures

When it comes to exercise, it’s not just about tracking walk metrics. It’s about recalling the fun and adventures you and your dog have along the way. With WAGSTA, you can upload photos to your walk map and build a photographic walk journal of your adventures together. Perfect for travelling with your dog and for those weekend doggy explorations.

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Recall special memories by saving photos to your dog walk journal.

W4. alk trackers help keep you accountable in achieving your exercise goals

If those pleading puppy-eyed looks aren’t enough to get you out and about on a daily basis, we have the trick for you! Start sharing your tracked walks with family and friends to help remain accountable to you and your dog’s exercise goals. Walk sharing is also a handy tool when walking dogs for others. Send a walk link to demonstrate exactly where you walked, and the time and distance covered.

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Be accountable: Share your walks with family and friends

In summary, daily dog walking has proven health benefits for dogs and their owners including weight management, maintaining strength and mobility, and reducing the risk of chronic disease.

In addition to physical health, there’s also mental health benefits for both dog and owner. By committing to daily dog walking, you’ll not only increase your own sense of well-being, but you will also strengthen the bond you have with your dog and help alleviate any pet boredom and behavioural issues your dog may be experiencing.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and commit to a minimum of 30-minutes walk tracking a day. Your dog will love you for it!

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