Healthy Dog Treats- Our Top 20 Low Calorie Snack Recommendations for Dogs

Healthy Dog Treats- Our Top 20 Low Calorie Snack Recommendations for Dogs
Are you watching your dog’s waistline but finding it difficult to curtail dog treats? Well it’s great to know there are plenty of healthy dog treat options to turn to. The best ones being nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables for dogs.

Most households have plenty of low calorie dog treats and healthy dog snacks on hand. Once you know where to look.

The table below lists popular household food items used as low-calorie dog treats. These healthy dog treats all come in at a fraction of the calorie count and cost of commercial diet dog treats!

Not only are these dog treats low in calories; they are free of colouring, additives and preservatives.

So, get your dog started with some taste testing this weekend. Discover your dog’s favourite fruit and veg, and stock up during your next grocery run!

Dog Diet Tip: Most fruits for dogs and vegetables for dogs make tasty nutrient-rich snacks. However, there are some exceptions which are unsafe for our furred friends. Avoid feeding avocado, grapes, sultanas, nuts, raw potato and the pits from stone fruit.

Top 20 Healthy Diet Dog Treats

Calories/100 grams       Calories per ounce
Apple | Raw, sliced, cored | 52 kcal/100g | 15 kcal/oz
Banana | Fresh or frozen, peeled | 89 kcal/100g| 25 kcal/oz
Beans (green) | Raw or cooked | 31 kcal/100g | 9 kcal/oz
Blueberries | Fresh or frozen | 57 kcal/100g | 16 kcal/oz
Carrots | Raw, sliced and topped | 41 kcal/100g | 12 kcal/oz
Celery | Raw- de-topped | 16 kcal/100g| 4 kcal/oz
Peas | Fresh or frozen | 42 kcal/100g | 23 kcal/oz
Popcorn- air cooked | A couple of pieces | 387 kcal/100g | 110 kcal/oz
Pumpkin | Cooked and cubed | 45 kcal/100g | 13 kcal/oz
Rice cakes- plain | Half or quarter piece | 392 kcal/100g | 111 kcal/oz
Squash | Cooked | 16 kcal/100g | 4 kcal/oz
Strawberries | Fresh or frozen | 32 kcal/100g | 9 kcal/oz
Sweet potato | Cooked and cubed | 76 kcal/100g | 24 kcal/oz
Tuna- tinned in water | Drained 1 tsp or tbsp. | 116 kcal/100g | 33 kcal/oz
Watermelon | Fresh –de-seeded | 30 kcal/100g | 9 kcal/oz
Zucchini/courgette | Raw- sliced or cooked | 17 kcal/100g | 5 kcal/oz

 NB. The term ‘calories’ and ‘kilocalories’ are interchangeable. The term ‘calorie’ used for human food is an abbreviation for ‘Kilocalories'(KCal). For example, a large apple contains 120 calories. So, an apple accounts for 120 KCals out of your dog’s daily calorie allowance.
Berry delicious healthy dog treats. Fruits and vegetables for dogs are great for sharing!

Low Calorie Dog Treat Tip:
Crunchy treats such as apple slices, green beans and carrot sticks are a favourite with most dogs. With the added bonus of being a handy snack for ourselves!

Join your dog in giving fatty and sugary treats the flick. Prepare a bowl of low-calorie snacks and healthy dog treats to share with your furred friend throughout the day.

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WAGSTA recommends a veterinary health check for all dogs prior to participating in any diet or exercise plan. WAGSTA Wellness diet plan is not suitable for pregnant dogs and dogs less than 12 months of age (or 18 months if a giant breed).

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